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1)     Staying in the college hostel is compulsory for outstation students.

2)     Steel cot, chair with writing pad, tube light, fans and rack are provided.

3)     Three students are accommodated in a room.

4)     The students should bring his/her own bedding and clothes.

5)    The menu for breakfast consist of Chappathi, Roti, Dosa with Veg Curry etc. according to college mess time table both Karnataka and Kerala style food..

6)     The menu of lunch and dinner consist of Tandoor Roti / Veg Curries, Sambar, curd / butter milk rice and thrice a

        week non-vegetarian dishes are provided.

7)   Consuming alcohol or addictive drugs is strictly prohibited. Any student found guilty of this offence will be debarred from the class test. If the offence is repeated his admission will stand cancelled.

8)    Misbehavior with any staff member (teaching or non teaching) of the institution will result in the candidate being

       debarred from the sectional on repetition of the offence.

9)    The boys should be in their hostels before 8 pm the girls should be in their hostel before 6.30 pm.

10)   Visitors including parents and relatives will not be allowed in to hostel without prior permission from warden.

11)    Students living in the hostel must obtain prior written permission from the warden, if they want to go out on Sundays and other holidays. On such days, a girl student must return to the hostel before 1:30 pm.

12)   The mess timings are to be followed strictly. No food will be served after the timing announced and no food should be wasted.

13)    Cooking in the hostel by hostel inmates is strictly prohibited.

14)  Students should stay decently in the hostel so as to cause no disturbance to the neighborhood. If any complaints are received from neighbors, the management will take strict action against the concerned students. His/her admission may even be cancelled.

15)   The students are responsible for the furniture and fixtures in their respective rooms. It is their responsibility to maintain their room in good condition. Any damage or theft of any of the furniture or fixtures will be paid by the students staying in the concerned room. There will be no replacement of tube lights or bulbs or any other fixtures in the hostel.

16)    The students must hand over the room allotted to him/her at the end of the academic year in the same condition was, when he/she will be suspended without notice from the institution.

17)    Ragging or harassment of any student is a criminal offence. Students involved in such activities will be immediately expelled from the institution.

18)    The students must clear all dues before filling in his/her final examination application form. If failing, the form will not be submitted to the board or university.

19)    Every student is expected to live up to decorum or decency of the college which it stands. If any one damages the reputation of institution they may be expelled.

20)    The mess charges should be paid on or before 10th of every month after which a fine of Rs. 5 per day will be charged. The last day of receipt will be 30th of every month, failing which his/her name will be removed from the hostel register and he/she will have to pay Rs. 100/- as readmission charges.

21)    All hostel inmates should switch off all the electrical appliances before leaving the hostel.