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1)    The library will remain open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on all working days.

2)    Every student who gets admission to the current academic year shall be eligible for regular membership.

3)   Students will be given one BORROWER’S CARD to borrow the books from the library. The card should be signed
by the borrowers as well as the librarian.

4)   Students should always possess that IDENTITY CARD and should be produced as when demanded by the

5)    Silence must be strictly maintained in the library.

6)    Conversation and loud talking are strictly prohibited.

7)    One book will be issued on the production of borrower’s card for home reading purpose for a period of 7 days
from the date of borrowing.

8)    Students who fail to return the book within stipulated time will be fined Rs. 2/- per day.

9)    The membership in the library will be disqualified if a student does not return the book with in a fortnight after the due with requisition penalty.

10) Borrower shall be held responsible for any damages done to the books while in his/her possession. Students should check carefully, the book issued to them if any damage is found, the same should be brought to the notice of the librarian. No complaints about the book will be entertained at the time of returning.

11) No part of the book should be disfigured or damaged. No marking should be done on the pages. Borrower’s indulging such practices will be liable to the payment of penalty equal to the cost of the cost of the book in additional to the replacement of a new book.

12) In case of loss of books, the concerned students will have to replace it with extra amount of Rs. 20/- towards the technical prices of the book, or he should remit double the cost of the book.

13) In case of loss of Borrower’s card, Rs. 20/- shall be charged for re-issue of a new card.

14) Students are requested to note that the library staff at the counter is authorized to examine everything that passes in or out of the library.